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Why are some people evil?

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  • Why are some people evil?

    I don't mean philosophically ... I mean in the bit on the left, where it says name, location etc. someone had

    Evil: yes

    That's pretty dark
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    LOL, you saw Javaman's thing too! Its easy enough, just some clever wording. His location field in his profile is set to

    Somewhere in a little cardboard box with HDTV and Cable interwebs access Evil: Yes

    And it wraps round "Evil: Yes" onto another line!

    That's all


    <edit> only works on default font (sorry javadude!)<edit>
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      :thelook: stop giving away my secerts...
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        That's pretty good..uh, I mean evil one.
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          I wanna be Evil, too!
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            Mhahaha I love this colour thing.

            Don't mind me. I'm just playing around with the new board

            Edit: Whoops. I mis-typed "colour"
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              Colour thing would be quite useful for code though..
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                Originally posted by Kang He
                Colour thing would be quite useful for code though..
                True, usually bolding a part of a code you want particular attention paid to does the job. However, if you want to point out multiple sections of code, color coding those portions will be a very useful feature. Especially when you need to make certain that what you are trying to point out is clear to those who may be just getting started with coding . Just one of the many useful new features of this board.
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