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Questions, comments on the new forum? Post them here

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  • Questions, comments on the new forum? Post them here

    As the title suggests, please use this thread to post any initial questions/comments regarding the new forum. The mods and I will try our best to answer em'
    - George
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    Suprise guys

    Have fun,


    <gun type="mod" state="active and smoking">beware tho</gun>
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      Kinda like Christmas in June !
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        So far as I can tell thus far, lookin' GOOD! I like the change!


        Ahem. Minor typo. Carry on.
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          Its VB, I will stop screaming, and start posting more...
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            Bah! I had no idea about vB:

            Almost makes me want to write my own forum that defines it's structure in XML, and support raw content through namespaces..

            <forum:thread starter="jkd" date="1/1/1111">
            <forum:reply type="original">
            vB is messy!
            <forum:reply from="Thejavaman1">
            pimping is <forum:style-bold>cool</forum:style-bold> <forum-smiley type="cool"/>
            <forum:reply from="Alex Vincent">
            Watch me prove 1/0 = 7 using MathML2.0!:
            <math xmlns="bla">
            <!-- bla -->
            Neat, huh?

            Etc, and use XLink and XPointer to build real references and links to forums, threads, replies, users, etc....

            Server side XSLT transformations to support legacy browsers, raw XML to decent ones, etc. Might be an interesting summer project.


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              Hey all,
              ok gota say this looks much more modern hehe looks cool nice work.....so Feyd lookw lonely in the perl/cgi forum hint hint
              sir p
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                Nice fresh look George.

                Gonna have to look into the vB code though…

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                which way the wind blows...


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                  Originally posted by jcj
                  did not
                  read any direct info about editing posts, wut i mean to ask
                  is, how much time is available to me to edit my posts?
                  see that just a button® that says...edit ...
                  click that n' you can just a edit® YOURRR post...
                  n' as for the just a timelimit®??? as longgg as your post is there??? you can 'edit' it...:O)))
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                    jcj - another vBulletin board I have visited restricts post editing
                    to with-in 5 minutes of the original post - I'm not sure how much
                    time is allowed here, or if there is a time limit anyway.

                    <script language="javascript">
                    win = window.open('newpage.htm','win','width=440,height=220,scrolling=no,resizable,status=no');

                    I'm just using the above to test whether posted codes are
                    recompiled by vBulletin with nasty spaces between certain words.

                    <baited breath>fingers crossed</baited breath>

                    [edit] Not as bad as it could have been - the line breaking is a
                    bit of a pain though [/edit 'ed within 5 mins]
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                      I like this ... especially this
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                        Originally posted by brothercake
                        I like this ... especially this
                        I prefer:
                        [+] Computer/PC issues [+] Silverpaw3D
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                          Re: testing for code mangling

                          Originally posted by jcj
                          <DIV style="width:300px;height:40px;padding:10px;font-family:Wide Latin;font-size:32px;color:#330000;text-align:right;filter: progidXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(GradientType=0,startColorstr=#996600, endColorstr=#3399FF)">Where are the links to the scripts of Dynamic_drive?</DIV>
                          HTML code is off (See the box in the lower left hand corner of this page titled "Forum Rules").

                          Links to DD? Here's one... http://www.dynamicdrive.com/ . (jk) Seriously, I don't believe there is one from this forum. I could be missing it as well though .
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                            Zoinks, yo!


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                              After signing up and creating a post, not even having a chance to get ANY replies, thank you for throwing everything away so I have to sign up all over again and rewrite a post again this time hoping I get it in the correct forum. So what are all the big improvements besides a long winded sign up? Is this the way that webmasters do it, throw away the entire site and start over from scratch just to “upgrade” something in it? It would have been better to lock out new posts and let the threads and replies have a chance and move over to the "new" format over time and have new posts to the new format only.
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