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  • Link at the bottom of the "Rules" page

    I just noticed that a link at the bottom of the "Rules" page advertises:
    "Buy Viagra Online".
    Considering that the majority of the forum members are geeky teens with no life (no offense to anyone, just stating a fact), I would like to nominate this ad for "The most misplaced ad" award....
    Vladdy | KL
    "Working web site is not the one that looks the same on common graphical browsers running on desktop computers, but the one that adequately delivers information regardless of device accessing it"

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    ...almost , I can beat it

    I am working now on the rebuild of gamblers anonymous for australia , their current site has a guestbook , which is hosted externally , for free , free because it carries popups ... guess what many of the popup ads are for
    resistance is...

    MVC is the current buzz in web application architectures. It comes from event-driven desktop application design and doesn't fit into web application design very well. But luckily nobody really knows what MVC means, so we can call our presentation layer separation mechanism MVC and move on. (Rasmus Lerdorf)


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      Re: Link at the bottom of the "Rules" page

      Originally posted by Vladdy

      Considering that the majority of the forum members are geeky teens...
      I wonder how true that is. jkd is currently a geeky teen, but his status is about to change to geeky young adult in the next few months. I've never been a geeky teen on this board (or WA Help Forum, for you smarty-pants people who've been around that long)

      Certainly, though, I'd lay odds that 95% or more of our patrons are under the age of 40.
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