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  • New forum features

    I’m happy to announce a couple of new features on CodingForum:

    Answered Topics

    Topics can now be marked as “Answered.” This is a special status applied to a specific post within the topic. The post that is marked as the Answer will be highlighted and show directly under the starting post in the topic. Posts can now also be filtered by answered status.

    Hashtag Support

    Users can now create #hashtags in their content to link the content to tags, existing channels, and specific nodes (via nodeid). Hashtags will allow better organic categorization of content.

    Types of Hashtags allowed:
    • Tag: These will match tags that currently exist on your system.
    • Channel Name: This will match any of your existing channels. After saving the hashtag will be replaced with a link to the channel specified.
    • Node ID: Allows you to create links to any specific node on your site. This will pull the node title and use it as the link.
    After the user types the # (hash) and three characters the system will automatically pop up a search box of results they can select from. As they continue typing, the results will be refined. This allows user to easily find the content that they want as a link.

    Embedded Media

    vBulletin now recognizes audio and video media files that have been attached to a post. Videos can be inserted inline after uploading using the [video] bbcode. Audio attachments will display audio controls within the Attached Files box at the bottom of the post. End users will be able to use standard playback controls to view videos and listen to uploaded audio.

    WebP Image Support

    Users will be able to upload images in the WebP format. These images are typically smaller than their PNG and JPEG counterparts. WebP images can also support background transparency.

    Copy and Paste Image Uploads

    Users can now use Copy and Paste to upload images into their posts. However, image sizes may not be what you expect on paste. You can control the image size by hovering over an image and using the drag tool in the lower right corner. You can also double-click (double-tap on a touch device) an image to bring up the properties window to change the size.
    Note: Firefox does not allow pasting multiple images at one time. Firefox also does not support the copy and paste of WebP images.
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