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  • change forum?

    who thinks we should scrap vbulletin and use the open source phpbb

    phpBB is free and open source forum software that is easy to use, powerful, and highly customisable. Our community offers extensive support to end users.

    unless you want to get your moneys worth of vbulletin

    opensource rules!

    -the whackaxe
    yes! great idea!
    no! keep this!
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    vBulletin has loads of hacks and stuff, it's used on all the best forums too.
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      phpbb looks pretty sweet and its free!
      i sound cheap dont I....
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        IMHO, the purpose of this poll is mute and will only serve to 'Knock' what we have just migrated to. This forum is a big improvement over our UBB forum and is appreciated by most of our members.

        Sorry you dislike our vBulletin forum, but I can almost gaurantee your poll is not going to change it to phpbb...lol. We just got here!

        If the polls here are abused or overused, they may be diabled. All I can say is that if our vBulletin forum is unacceptable to you, the "Log out" link is always open. No offense intended .
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          dont get me wrong here! i'm not trying to cause a revoltion or anything i just wanted to see what people thought about the forum. i am a member of another site using vbulletin and works great but phpbb is sweet

          *havent i already said that....*

          -the whackaxe
          photoshop too expensive? use the GIMP! www.gimp.org


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            I like this vBulliten - I've never seen the phpbb, but I agree with boxers comments about how we just got here, so, leave the topic alone. (my paraphrased version of course )

            I think if we have something that's brand new, and overall, the members are really pleased with it, why not stick to it.

            If the board was switched again, we'd all have to re-register, etc.

            Your comments would've made more sence if they were made before the switch... oh well

            Anywho, I like this board better than the other one already - lots of amazing features



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              There is no point in using phpBB. It doesn't have half the functionality that vB does, esp from a mod point of view.

              Views like your own are ones that show obstinaity. I'll bet hat you use windows, and internet explorer... or at least have done in the past. Linux is great, open source IS the way forward, but until there is a clear organistaion heading opensource, then it is going to just stay where it is.... as a lesser alternative to the people less-tech minded.

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                whackaxe, in case there's any confusion, I wasn't trying to be hostile toward you in my reply. It's just that there was a lot of work put into setting-up this forum by the administration. To suggest a change right now just seemed to undermine that effort .
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                "How did a fool and his money get together in the first place?"


                • #9
                  phpBB vs vB? What a joke...

                  As much as I truly hate to put down an open-source product, vB is definetely the best in the business. Besides, DevBB (formerly XMB, since XMB was taken over by a group of people that aren't quite as skilled or ambitious as those before them) would make a better contestant than phpBB anyway.

                  vB is the first and best PHP forum software out there, and I have yet to download or see any forum software coded in PHP or otherwise that can truly compete with it. Although I'm usually against shameless promotion of commercial software, vB is the definete best of them all... it's got more features, better speed (vs. ASP & Perl boards, as well as a few PHP ones), and a huge list of satisfied and high-status clients.

                  Err, without furthering the overly-biased statment above: If George decides it's right for the forum, it's probably right for the forum, and this time I'm completely happy with the changes made (as opposed to my mixed feelings about the removal of the p-word)


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                    just a welcome® to the new n' improved yet nottt tooo netscrap4.7 friendly forum of 'wa'...hehehe...
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                    ...just a special® thanx kinda hugs to jkd n' nex ...:O)))

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                      phpbb was written by comittee and you can tell,

                      I personally have issues with Vbulletin etc but there is no doubt that it is still the best PHP based board out there (phorum etc is technically better but just not a very polished/user-friendly product).

                      nowt wrong with asking the question though !!
                      resistance is...

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                        IMHO, it's far too early to even think about another such change to the base of our BBS. George had enough headaches trying to figure out what to do about our forum, let's not make it worse on him by making him doubt himself.
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                          Over my dead body will I change the forum software (again) so soon In all seriousness, VB is a great program, and the fact that it's commercial means security in terms of continued support and updates in the future for features and bug fixes.

                          I'll treat this thread more as a "what if" type discussion, and keep it going.
                          - George
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                          • #14
                            Hmmm... just to throw in my two cents into this discussion:
                            I'm currently reading up on PHP4 (the PHP4 bible, to be precise), and in the introduction the authors made the point (and it sounded very logical) that open-source software is maintained in the interest of it's users, and usually by those users.
                            Contrary to commercial software, where new versions and features are driven by economical motives, open-source software should therefore be less prone to new versions every other week, while new versions reflect user wishes and stay compatible with older ones as far as possible.

                            That said: i really like this forum and will gladly continue to use it. I see no point at the moment to switch to yet another one, but i have to say PHPBB does look nice, and might have been a good alternative before the recent switch was made.


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                              errr phpBB no way better than VB ..deffo keep it like this George
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