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  • Still no pit

    Ah well you can't have everything can you. By the way I use Jeepers for everything else so I thought I might as well start useing it for here, used to be GMW on WA. Nice and green isn't it. See ya around guys
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    I think we all miss the pit, well, those of us that actually used it for the purpose it was there for.

    It got scrapped because people were abusing it and pretty much turning it into a chat room...

    too bad we can't trust people eh?



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      It's not needed, I used it loads and have no desire for its return. The General section seems to be the place to discuss web related issues, there's another place for server stuff. Anything else is beyond this forum's purpose.
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        Originally posted by mouse
        Anything else is beyond this forum's purpose.
        /me just a tends® to just a gree®...'cept tis nice to just a join® business/pleasure/relaxation :O)))

        /me looks @ quack...
        you seeem to just a remember® wa n' the early pit...
        ummm 'cept /me cant just a seem® to recall your quackhead nick there??? lol...sorrry ifin' it twas n' /me cant remember...
        'cept ummm...did you go by just a nother® nick over there??? /me looks @ the toronto...n' the 'posting' seems familiar...just a wonderin'® ifin' it started with just a l®??? ...
        The New JustaBuster Version 2.0 OR JustaBusta Lite V2.0
        ...just a special® thanx kinda hugs to jkd n' nex ...:O)))

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