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Buggy/hostile behavior when viewing CodingForum threads

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  • Buggy/hostile behavior when viewing CodingForum threads

    This does not happen EVERY time, but it has happened often.

    I have navigated to a thread from google, such as

    As I am viewing the page, characters like short vertical bars on a green background begin to appear on the page.....slowly pushing the rest of the content lower.....it appears like some script (from an ad, perhaps) is generating spam characters and inserting them at the top of the page in some javascript loop that makes the browser VERY unresponsive.

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    Apparently the actual text output is <span class="hilite1"></span> - I've got HUGE numbers of those in a text file I saved.

    Loading the text file CAUSES the behavior in FF, but IE7 shuts down the script.


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      Are you sure you don't have a virus or adware trojan on your PC? Does this just happen on your PC or also on other PC's you've tried?
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        Originally posted by Spookster View Post
        Are you sure you don't have a virus or adware trojan on your PC?
        Yeah, this was the first thing I’ve tought of, reading this.
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          What browser are you using? The text:
          <span class="hilite1"></span>
          is actually something added by a script to highlight the searched terms when coming in from Google. For example, if you were to search for "CodingForum ajax" on Google, upon visiting the resulting page on CF, the term Ajax would be highlighted:

          What you're describing could be the script going haywire, though in all the major browsers, I haven't experienced any issues.
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            Can't be sure there are no infections, but there certainly aren't any other signs of one - this has been the only place I've had a problem.

            Of course, it might be the script doesn't play well with other items I have installed, such as Imacros and Firebug.