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    First problem I've ever had with it, someone im'ed me asking for help, as opposed to posting it in the appropriate forum.

    Maybe you want to make it more obvious that the forum is where you ask for help to the newbies George? A section on the PM area in the Rules seems appropriate.

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    There're definitely still a lot of things to be sorted out/clarified, including the PM issue. I'll wait until things stabilize before moving on them, however.

    For example, another thing I'm wrestling with is whether to just combine the JS request the JS Programming categories into one category for now. People are confusing the two to a certain extent, and perhaps rightly so.
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      I'd like to see a forum for generic DHTML issues - DOM Scripting is great to have as a unique forum, and can be clearly distinguished from other DHTML-related issues, but there isn't currently an appropriate forum for DHTML.


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        i don't think there's enough of a distinction between DHTML and JavaScript for its own forum. the question would either be a JavaScript issue, or an HTML issue, and in both cases, there's already a forum for both.

        i think that combining that JavaScript Programming and JavaScript Request forums is a good idea.
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          i believe with vB that individuals can be banned from PM's, so maybe if they abuse it, like what happened to jkd, then we can ban them from it...

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            The problem I have with private messaging is that there are always a few people who want to take their conversation private even though the answer they are getting could be of use to another person.

            The value of private messaging is that there are times when it may be necessary for someone to give a little private information in order to get help and then it's really nice for them to be able to post that private information only the the person or persons needing it.
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