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    I'm in need of a little help on my chemistry homework and I didn't know where else to ask. If any of you could possibly lend a hand I would be very grateful.

        24.8 grams of calcium carbonate is decomposed by heating it.
            a)  Find the theoretical yield of CaO that will be produced.
            b)  What is the percentage yield if 13.1 grams of CaO is the actual yield?

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    first, write out the complete reaction scheme for this process.
    Then calculate the number of moles of CaCO3 based on the molar mass and the given mass.
    Then based on the reaction scheme, you know how many moles CaO is produced
    Then calculate the mass of CaO based on the number of moles produced and the molar mass of CaO

    the question is not very clear, bu i think it is meant that you have to divide 13,1 by the amount found in question a) and then multiply by 100. Then you have the percentage yield
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