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  • Windos Source Code Leak

    I just read some info on the leak of the source code to windows. Microsoft has confirmed the leak of the source code to Windows 2000 and Windows NT4. This sounds like this will be quite damaging to microsoft. Not only will it allow for easy pirating, it might also cause the creation of some nasty worms as people figure out exploits.

    The articles on this can be easily found all over google, but here is a good one.
    Kris Hubby
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    Yes, maybe some of it was leaked, but I don't believe it's the complete code. Even so, malicious worm/virus writers could analyze the code and find holes.


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      Good discussion going on at /.

      PeterHammer writes "Neowin.net is reporting that Windows 2000 and Windows NT source code has been leaked to the internet. More on this as we hear it."
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        Well if there are exploits before the source leak, I'd hate to see them after this. There was an article in the paper the other day about someone getting into the us nuclear (something) server, which was surprisingly run by ms


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          I wonder what other interesting things this might do. Other rival companies may illegally get good information on how windows is made. Besides worms and other malicious things, I wonder what would happen if somebody discovers a hole... they can't tell microsoft because it would be considered illegal, and they can't make and distribute a patch them selfs because microsoft would probobly consider it a virus or something.
          Kris Hubby
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            maybe it will actually get fixed now.
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              Norton/WinGapPlug2-b strain:

              Infects via Outlook and Win2k Server. Will fix all know security holes in Win2k system, not leaving any spyware, other viri, backdoors or trojans. Removes itself after spreading to everybody in your address book and every address found in mail in your mailboxes.

              [link]Download here for a fix[/link]
              [link]or go here for a detailed description of how to remove manually[/link]
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