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    I want to begin to learn about developing web applications and websites etc.... but my experience is mostly in java so far and very little in the web development aspects of it. So my question is, where would be a good place to start? I have done some HTML a few years back and have a good basic understanding of it, but should I be looking at things like PHP? Javascript? or pick back up on learning more HTML? I would like to learn more about designing professional websites and what skillsets go into them as this is an unexplored area for me. Any advice on a decent place to start would be appreciated.

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    HTML has changed a lot in the past few years. I suggest sticking with HTML learning CSS and HTML. Tables aren't for page layout anymore which is probably what you learned. Actually tables were never meant for page layout. It just made things easier. After you've mastered a tableless layout then I say move on. Javascript might be better. Once you've done JS you can learn php. JS and PHP have similar syntax so it would be a little easier. Thing with JS is you don't need to have a server setup. After php learn ajax. If you can do all of that then you can do a lot of stuff.
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