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Please help, in a portfolio

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  • Please help, in a portfolio

    Please I want an expert in java to help me solving a portfolio, because I’m go to a trip outside the country and I should handle the project before the 9 – 10 – 2006

    Please don’t ignore my request,

    The question is

    Develop a small application for a Business. Your application must include the following:

    1) The business scenario and the business Logic

    2) UML design (classes, attributes and methods)

    3) Class Relationship diagram

    4) Java Code (soft copy saved in M drive and hard copy)

    At lease one Interface

    At least one super class
    At least two sub classes (i.e. 2 levels of inheritances)

    Validation: Any data entered by the user must be validated

    Necessary methods: Calculation method, printing method, etc.

    Conventions: Must follow proper conventions.