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    I am trying to figure out what programming language I need to learn to accomplish my goal. I have seen mention of, mainly from various IRC and forum conversations, of how X programming language is too limited to achieve X goal and X language would be a much better choice. One thing I fear is learning a new language, investing countless hours into my main project, and finding out that I should have gone with a completely different language.

    I have been working with HTML for almost 10 years and during that time have had great success with manipulating code of existing projects to achieve my goals without actually learning to program in their respective languages; 95% of such instances fall under modifying javascript, mysql, and php. I plan on using "teach yourself programming" books to learn this new language, I have lots of time, am a quick learner, and am well versed in solving problems that arise through research and obtaining assistance from others.

    I am a huge fan of the table top game BattleTech and want to play it online. The only real program currently in development, MegaMek, was written in Java and created in such a way that it greatly changes the "experience" of the tabletop BattleTech that I know so well. I know I could create an experience online that would feel a whole lot more like the classic than MegaMek delivers. I am aware that my overall vision will most likely take years if I complete everything without taking on a partner or two, so time, while sooner is better than later, is not an issue or concern. There are other things I feel I could add to enhance this post but at the risk of making it so long nobody will read it and of posting completely irrelevant information, I'll end it here and await a response. Please do not hesitate to request more information. Any assistance in making this choice would be most appreciated.

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    Games eh?
    Go to gamedev.net. That is a game programming community. You could ask the same question there. But the answer will probably be c++.
    ... and I would also suggest c++. Unless you have a reason to like python more or something.
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      I would definitely say that gamedev.net is your best resource for this type of information.

      90% of games today are coded in C++

      Python has been recently used as a scripting language for games, so knowledge of python could be good. There's also a PyGames library to help with Python game programming.

      Java has some titles under it's belt, YoHoHo! Puzzle Pirates being the biggest one so far.

      C# is up and coming.

      But you can program games in ANY language you want.


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        I'll go ahead and post the question over there as well. I sincerely appreciate the help.