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  • Compiling Quickbasic

    Guys, sorry to bring back old stuff, but....
    I had a QB 7.1 program running fine. Then I added a data base with 1200-term array each term with 40 characters (list of cities and their geographical coordinates). From then on, I can't compile it any longer, I get a "segment size exceeds 64K" message.
    The end result must be a single exe file (I can't use a second file, a dat type or whatever).
    I get the same error even if I compile and link in the dos command line. The problem comes up in the link phase. Then I reduced the array to 600-term (they are read twice in order to get the same 1200 cities exhibited in the screen) and split it in subs that are smaller than 16 k. No use. I tried to use near instead of far, and got into a stack problem.
    I'm using dos inside windows 98. I don't know if that has to do with expanded memory and how to create it from inside windows, and even if this will resolve it.
    There is no doubt that the problem lies in the array, not in its use.
    Does anyone still remember what I shoul do?

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    This most likely isn't the answer you want but, I believe that it is time for you to step up to a more powerful language! Technically it'd be stepping down though I guess but whatever you like ..

    BASIC has it's limits, if you hit them you need to ditch it!
    Omnis mico antequam dominus Spookster!


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      I understand a better language would make it easier (would it really?)
      The problem is that I am overloaded with other kind of work (not a programming job) and don't have time to study programming. Also, I've been trying to use modules I wrote years ago and just adapt them. These modules are very complex structures.
      So I would have to learn a new language and start a complex programming job! Well, have mercy!
      A master of QB could quickly identify what I am doing wrong. After all, if I stick to a 600 term array, it compiles fine! The second group does not go in, even through an overlay! Am I defining it wrongly? Did I create the problem by having those subs static instead of dynamic?
      The problem really is how do I reach a QB master? Am I in the wrong forum?