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    I haven't been learning c++ long, (less than a week) and it's all good, but the problem is, I'm still stuck in the console window! Console windows are all fine and dandy if your boring and like code to be executed line by line. But I don't and was wondering how you go about creating windowed applications. I have worked out from online tutorials how to create a blank window that does hardly anything, and I've worked out the message loop well enough to alert messageboxes on click or resize. But how do you actually do things, I can't even write text to a window at the moment!

    Basic window programming tips welcome
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    As soon as console windows become boring then it is time to move onto windows, at least that's what I say ..

    http://www.winprog.org have a nice tutorial that might help you a little..
    http://www.foosyerdoos.fsnet.co.uk/ -- is really good as well to teach some OOP and some advanced stuff.

    www.msdn.com -- The Microsoft Developers Network is the best place to get reference on a specific function, struct, class or setting etc...

    If you want any specific help, there are a few members here that are proficient in Win32 programming. http://cboard.cprogramming.com has an excellent windows programming forum as well.

    Hope this at least gets you started.
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      Thanks, the links you gave me didn't help much (I'd already been to winprog.org which helped a bit) but I found links to links to links if you know what I mean


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        lol yeah, links to links ... there are quite a few good resource link collections on the web .. Just google for them, you'll find thousands of examples and tutorials at your finger-tips, or mouse-pointer-tip or whatever ... Good luck!
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