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what is bitmap made up of?

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  • what is bitmap made up of?

    hi. I'm trying to convert a .BIR file into a bitmap file.

    What components does a bitmap file has? Anybody has an idea?
    Is there any websites useful for converting files into .bmp files using C++?

    Thanks alot.

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    Wotsit is a useful place when looking for information on file formats.



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      File reading and writing is like my favourite programming exercise!! Bitmaps are really easy to use ( even easier using win32 api functions but I'm talking about raw reading with your own function ) ...

      I used wotsit, the files there gave me a really good insight into the way bitmaps worked and how they were structured.

      Reading and writing .bmp is a frequently asked question in many programming groups on the net. Google is your friend here ..

      If you need any help once you get started I'll gladly help you.
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