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The future of Instantaneous Contact.

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  • The future of Instantaneous Contact.


    One dimension of the internet, instantaneous contact - in any form - seems to me to have been stuck at a hault since the BOOM of AOL instant messenging, with the ISP itself.

    Computer speed are now at the rate that the MOVIE industry actually fears illegal downloading as much as the MUSIC industry does, because the time to download a movie from a good connection P2P is nearing acceptable.

    Certainly the WWW has taken advantage of internet and PC speed - it almost sets the need to upgrade ones computer, and it's what makes you realize you're gettin' slower.

    But "IM" or what's beyond it seems to not have taken a major turn.

    Any programmer here who have thought about this?

    With todays speed, and especially with the seen ability through programs like Trillion (sp?), do you think there's an interest for an integrated contact system which includes both live messages, messages that are held for you (like on yahoo) until you sign on, so someone can IM you while you're not on, and an integrated audio input, as well as camera input etc....?

    It seems to me that it's an open gap in the ability of the internet, especially since it's all live. I realize some programs here and there have these, but there's nothing mainstream and they options are spread out among progs......

    Anyone have thoughts?

    What other aspects could you include?

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    I think ICQ allows you to do just about everything you're thinking of.

    Also the reason nothing has become mainstream is mostly because Microsoft (at least in my opinion).

    Microsoft has Windows Messenger and MSN 6 which most Windows users would use. ICQ and AOL Instant Messenger are available for Windows (as well as Trillion as you mentioned). MSN is ONLY available for Windows, as far as I know.

    Lots of users use Windows, and some use Mac and others use Linux, and some use other OS's. The problem is that most people are very comfortable using the Instant Messenger that they are currently using, and won't need to change.

    I use both ICQ and MSN because I've got friends that only use one or the other. I mostly like ICQ, but MSN has some cool features (mostly the "so and so is typing..." idea).

    I think it'd be a fun idea to work with, but I think ICQ and MSN are going to be pretty hard to compete with.

    Good luck,


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      Sad - I would think most windows users actually don' tuse MSN. I mean, since almost everyone does use windows, but I have almost never heard of anyone talk about MSN messenger or list an idea.

      I actually had forgot there was a windows IM till you mentioned it!

      But I get what you mean. That's why any successfull program would have to be like trillion in that anyone can keep their accounts. No one wants to change accounts - AIM only has a seperate IM because of AOL users leaving AOL.

      It just seems to me that the entire full on prog is kind of an opportunity waiting to happen - not necessarily with a new company though, could be MS.

      I never have ever used ICQ so I didn't know its options. It seems ICQ attracts people in the technology industry more than any other group. Then again I don't currently USE any IM......

      Does anyone have a reference as to how difficult it is to make a simple prog that just sends one line text to another person using it?

      I was just wondering how difficult it is to send such a message. I suppose the prog would need to contact a server to link them.

      Is there such thing as a p2p IM? with no server?

      thank ya!


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        First of all, I think Trillian is crap. No offence to the people that use it, but I would rather use MSN and ICQ simultaneously, as opposed to using Trillian. It hinders the features that both programs provide.

        Secondly, if you've never heard of anyone using MSN messenger, you're not from this planet! Most people I know actually switched from ICQ to Messenger when MSN 6 was released.

        Thirdly, as far as creating a simple messenger program is easy enough, depending on the language you'd like to use. In Java, it's super easy.

        Here are some links I just dug up:

        Unfortunately I couldn't find a simple Java one for you. I made one during my undergrad, but I can't find that project...

        Good luck with the research,


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          Sad - I've seen a combined total of thousands of peoples IM information, and no one that I recall ever listed MSN, except maybe 5 at most.

          However probably 99% use AIM. I have seen a hell of a lot of people use only yahoo now.

          Thanks for the info. This is one topic I like, but of course it would take a large movement of people to make such a thing successfully.


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            In my experience, I'd say msn and yahoo are probably the most used IM's out there, with AIM coming very close to becoming in the same group as those two.


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              Thanks for the back on MSN!

              In fact, I know of a few companies that use MSN within their intranet as a communication medium because of its ease of use.

              Just a tidbit..


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                Oh, MysteryMan,

                I'm from Canada, and I have a lot of friends -- both techie and non -- and very few use AIM, actually since they switched to local broadband providers, no one uses AOL that I know of.

                Your survey may only have been targetting the US market, but there's a huge world population that you should be considering with any WWW application.

                Just a thought.