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    can anyopne tell me were ican find tutorials on programming e.g games and apps am kinda eager to learn

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    Learn C++, http://www.cprogramming.com


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      Once you are familiar with basic C++ you can jump into basic windows application programming, once you are familiar with the message loop and making a window (you don't have to memorize all the code, just know what it does ) dive into opengl if you want to make games.

      http://cboard.cprogramming.com -- I find searching the boards usually helps when I get stuck because so many questions have already been asked!

      www.gamedev.net -- All game programming related stuff! Make sure to visit the forums there as well, really good!

      http://nehe.gamedev.net -- Hosted on gamedev (as with a few sites) and is a great resource for opengl tutorials and the like.

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        You again?


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          scriptsandcodes, please go away and think about your site.

          The practice to link *each single page* of a tutorial does indeed make your linklists look bigger and certainly increases the probability that someone eventually buys a book and you'll get your share. I can only speak for me, but I don't like something like that. I'm gonna buy books somewhere else, thank you.
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            Scriptsandcodes made a spamming run on the board with 6 nearly identical messages none of which offered any genuine substance. With ethics like that it's obvious which site deserves no traffic whatsoever.

            Would a moderator or 6 (since the messages are spread through the forums) please excise said spam?
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