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Can this be done in Visual Basic

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  • Can this be done in Visual Basic

    Hi guys,

    I am going to attempt a little project in Visual Basic and was wondering if it is possible to do. I did a little bit of Visual Basic in college but have forgotten most if it !! ha. Hopefully it will come back to me when I start this.

    Anyway this is what I want to do.

    I am making a ordering system, where a user can enter order details into form fields click 'ORDER' and have this informaton either saved in an access database or a text file or something.

    Then every day for an email to be automatically generated which contains the order details. This email must be sent with our email address as the sender.

    Is this possible ?? The one thing I am not sure about is the email generation and sending. Can this be done ?? Could I invoke outlook express or something to send the email. (Presuming that there is an internet connection already present).

    Thanks for any help

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    Yes, it's all possible, there's nothing there that's all that complicated.
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      Hi Roy

      Thats good to hear. Could u give me any tips on how I could build the email portion of the program ??

      Any features or add-ins available ??


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        How the email part would work is dependant on the mail client you want to automate. With Outlook, it would be very easy to use the built in VBA mechanisms to send email, with Outlook Express I think it's still available but more limited (after all, the virus writers have been exploiting OE for some time so the mechanisms have got to be there). With some other client you'll probably have to pass it keystrokes or the like.
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          This sounds like something you would almost do webased using asp or asp.net or php If you are useing vb it will do the trick for sure! Truthfully the whole thing could be done in Access alone without going out to any other codeing program and just use access built in features. It all depends on where you clientell is located if it is in a central location or if you want world wide access to it (I gues you could use access for the www but I wouldnt too small) I would sugest something like My SQL for that But what do I now I am just new at all of this myself