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need help with C# coding

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  • need help with C# coding

    for me schooling i have to get work placement for a full working day once a week and i have decided to develop an application for a family psychologist.
    he wanted a basic IOS and android app that users could enter their mood out of 1-5 and then further expand on that as text. but for the life of me i cannot find any information on the internet that is useful to what i need to know, i have found little snippets in hour+ long videos that has been useful.
    I've been struggling with this for months now looking for templates i could go off or just something dedicated to what i need.

    can anyone help me out or send me somewhere where i can find information on the following (sorry for so much)
    1. setting up a database that logs all users inputs and stores it in a document of some sort with a time code
    2. being able to edit the data throughout the day if needed
    3. reset everything ready for the next day
    4. having the data readily accessible through an email or within the app itself

    any threads personal help or videos are greatly appreciated!
    thanks heaps for your time!

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    Link I hope will give you some ideas about Mental Health - Mood disorder.

    MyTherapy Discussion Forums - My Mood Calendar

    Signs and Symptoms of Mood Disorder

    Developing IOS apps needs access to a Mac, using XCode as a development platform. You can either use swift or objective C.

    Developing Android apps is done using Android Studio or Eclipse. The language is JAVA.

    There are two ways to save your data. Either save it locally (in the device) or have a web server that will save your data in a database. If you decide to use server and you plan to use C#, then you will need ASP.NET (aspx).