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    Hello I am new to coding I plan to dive pretty deep into it with web page coding I also do animation and 3 d modeling and all that good stuff. For starters though a project I would like to do is make a random prompt generator for drawing to give me different prompts and categories to draw from. Any help on how I would go about that or what language would be most efficient would be really helpful. I am really happy and eager to see what these forums have to offer and I am super excited to delve deeper into coding!

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    Any language would be able to do that, create an array (or list) of your words / prompts and then use a random number to pick one and display it to the screen - its very basic stuff.

    An alternative (if you can't be bothered with the above) is to type your list out using word / write / notepad / brackets / atom or any other chosen software that allows you to type a list, print the list out and cut them up, place them in a hat and pick one (or more).


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      You can use C++ or C#, or java for creating your program, but i would suggest to start off with an easier language like C++ or C# and learn the core concepts. Java is considered difficult then other languages but if you start development with Java then all the other languages will look easier. Since you want to create a basic program, you can choose the language you like or any language that you are familiar with.
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