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  • How to start coding ?


    I have searched tons of sites about coding, but every site is not clear how do I actually create computer software and which code I have to use. I really hate this ultra vaque speech with zero deatails in anyhting concrete so here's what I would like to do.

    I would like to code mixer for windows like the one that comes with every ASUS motherboard software cd like VIA HD Audio Deck I just don't understand how I can actually start to create the actual software so I can start to test it also. Also big problem with this is that since it's and audio software that fiddles with the audio I'm not sure what kind of codes I have to even take into consideration from windows 7 side (I use it) or soundcard side so yeah pretty big dilemma here. I have learn some coding via code academy, but really lost interest since to me this pointless learning without how to execute it is pointless and I'm stuck now.

    Anyways I registered here to get some concrete help how to start this thing since googling around seems to be pointles. Don't help me saying that learn all kind of coding since I can do that, but give some concrete details how to execute the code in a program and how to create the thing in the first place.


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    I'm not entirely sure what you want to make. Your description seems a little vague.

    If you post a more detailed description of what you want to achieve then you are much more likely to find the right sort of advice. Stack overflow is the best, but you need to provide in depth details about a specific problem that needs solving.

    Personally i'd say you should get into C++ or a similar C style language. If you have no coding experience at all then its going to be very hard to pick up, but until you provide more details I cant really help.


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      Originally posted by Engie View Post
      I have learn some coding via code academy, but really lost interest since to me this pointless learning without how to execute it is pointless and I'm stuck now.
      Most CodeAcademy code courses allow you to type and execute code in the browser. I'm not sure what you mean by "how to execute it". Every time you click "submit" you're doing just that!

      If you want to generate an EXE file that you can see in your file system, and double-click to run, you can do that with *any* compiled language. C#/Java are popular for application / UI code, C/C++ are popular for lower level systems and driver code. C/C++ is a fair bit more hands-on and difficult to get started in, but perhaps more appropriate for creating audio mixing software.

      I recommend you download Visual Studio (assuming you're on Windows), and watch a beginner tutorial for C++. There are boat loads of these on YouTube, but this one seems relatively recent and gives exact instructions for Visual Studio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w49C3SdXshU.

      As gezer4000 said, if you have more specific questions feel free to ask them here.


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        To be more specific:

        I have windows 7 and I use asus motherboard which comes with via HD Audio deck mixer which is this one: https://www.google.fi/search?q=via+h...BTnBLjwq8wM%3A

        I would like to make a mixer like this one, but in order to code it I need to know what type of code is needed and like gezer4000 suggested C is propably it and I have also thought it would be since coding this type of program requires (and now I'm quessing since I don't know) access to windows base code which is some type of C language and maby into soundcards code ? Also when doing pluging like this I need to make codes that handle all the audio in computer which are inside sounds like when listening music mp3, wav with windows media player or others etc and also audio from internet, then there is input audio and output. Those should be the basics, but I'm not sure since there is no knowledge about these things anywhere.

        So I would like to make it work like that so it has volumes on all needed audio out/inputs and Equalizer which is better than this ****e. I make music so I know exactly where to go tech wize if I just get started.

        I know that I need a little bit better program to make the code than notepad since I have a hunch that there will be at least a thousand lines of code, but I don't know it's just a quess ?
        Also I know about visual studio and it is very likely that, that is the one I need since it can debugg the C language into binary and do the exe file, but I don't know how to make the code work with graphics like you see in that mixer I'm totally clueless in that area where to go.

        Also when doing these type of things I think it's best to have computer separately from this one since bluescreens can happen so I don't wan't to mess up my computer when testing the codes ?


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          Well I don't know anything about that particular device, but it sounds like your trying to replace the application written by your sound card's manufacturer. This is going to be extremely difficult. Essentially you're looking to do driver development. If you can't even figure out how to make a simple GUI application, you're not going to get very far in this endeavor without first stepping back, and starting with a more realistic goal. You need to learn the elementary steps of programming and debugging an application before you jump head first into GUIs and driver-level audio processing.

          I recommend picking up any beginner level book on C or C++ and following the examples. If you're still adamant after making it through the basics, then you can research GUI libraries / Win32 API / OpenAL or LibVorbis, etc.


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            Yeah that's the problem since I don't know are those codes how the mixer works designed by the manufacturer for that soundcard specifically and does that then mean that only manufacturer of the soundcard can make mixers to it and not anybody else. Then again one example of interviening audio pluging called "Audio Stream Recorder" by nch softwares can record audio from inside signal of the computer which means that there is no noise in the signal what so ever. This have to do windows 7 and onward since they changed the audio mapping in the way that the signal doesn't re-route outside the soundcard anymore thus the audio signal that is recorded inside computer has no noise what so ever. This pluging makes blue screens to my music computer which has external audio card in it so I don't use it anymore. I also have another similar pluging called "Audio Wizard" that I use in my internet computer (this one I'm writing from) that doesn't make blue screens, but haven't test it in the music computer. So anyways this suggest to me that it maby could be possible to hijack the audio without perhaps redesigning all the audio codes from scratch, but I'm not sure.


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              If you are starter in programing line so first start with C And C++ programing code. Because In C and C++ their is oops concept where we use class ,objects,pointer, array, etc.


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                To start coding from scratch, choose first a language you would like to master upon. You can choose java, .net, C/C++ anything you feel you would like to learn. Start learning the very basics. You have a lot of open sources available to learn all the coding stuffs. Start with first program of addition of two numbers or “hello world!” itself. Have the concepts cleared in your mind. You can refer tutoriaspoint or codeacademy for learning the very fundamentals. It would be good to refer books but still it would be better if you get good hands-on for the language you chose.