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What code do I need to learn for this project

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  • What code do I need to learn for this project

    Greetings Forum!

    First post!

    I am trying to figure out what code would be best to learn for the project I have in mind!

    I am currently wanting to create some building software, where I can take the structural plans of any edifice draw them in basic shapes, then have drop down menus for the equipment/systems/room details that need to be tracked for warranties and replacements. I would prefer it to be a standalone software that I can use to track these items and to track where we have been within the building on a monthly and annual basis.

    I have attached a very basic blue print of the first floor, as you can tell my the colors, it is sectioned off accordingly, have being able to click on the colored area to elicit a window that tracks previous repairs, possible items needed to do repairs/paint codes, square footage for replacement of floors or paints or even light fixture counts would be stupendously fun.

    It would also be great to do this in stages so that, as I have the software created for a year, to release it to other staff who put in requests so that the daily work can be tracked and reported accordingly, even further to be able to put it on a tablet and wifi it to other building components like lighting relays, water solenoids, hvac motors, and pump motors would be over the top. Obviously this stuff is so far off, and probably will never happen, but the basic stand-alone visual with drop down windows for tracking is a start.

    At the moment I think Visual Basic or Python, but I am not sure, please let me know.

    Also, no like destructive criticism, lets be constructive, as I think this is fairly doable.

    Thanks in advance!
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