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One of my projects a true RAD for python

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  • One of my projects a true RAD for python

    One of my many projects I have in the works is a true object python program, Not ironpython with WPF but actual python making use of the .NET CLR controls. I do believe the point of a rad application environment is to focus more on your code. not having to spend hours on making a proper GUI for you program while working on the coding. I love python I think it is an awesome programming language. I know a few programming languages but I like to use certain ones for certain tasks. I would just like to hear thoughts on the matter, suggestions and possibly ideas for names Object Python is what I am calling it for now but I think it needs a better name kind of like Object Pascal which is now called Delphi. I am adding tons of tools. One especially for RegEx, debugger, interactive window, Form/Dialog/Object code is automatically generated. Code snippet Manager etc... I do not know if the image is going to show or not. this is my first post. Any Suggestions and or Ideas are welcome, as well as criticism good or bad. it is always helpful

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    come on my ninjas no constructive ( or destructive critisim ) or ideas

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      For most of what I'd use Python for (basically having it shoved down my throat for command line scripts) I can't say I'd use it.

      But then for 99.99999% of the software I write RAD's are just bloated crap that gets in my way. Waste of effort IMHO -- result likely just being a crutch for people who shouldn't be writing software in the first place.

      ... and while Delphi uses Object Pascal, Object Pascal is not Delphi. Delphi is Object Pascal + the VCL (visual components library) with a RAD. There is nothing that says you have to use the bloated slow gets in the way RAD in writing an object pascal program.

      See Lazarus, which is a VCL workalike and it's own RAD mated to Object Pascal using the "Free Pascal" compiler... or how xCode has an Object Pascal capability.

      Hell, Object Pascal was invented by Apple (borrowing HEAVILY from Modula).... not Borland. Borland just used it in Turbo Pascal for Mac and back-ported it to PC with Turbo Pascal 5.5.

      Not something I'd use or even see the point of; but to be fair I say the same thing about Delphi's RAD, Lazarus, and Visual Studio. It's all just bloated crap that forces editing into one window, wastes a ton of screen space on crap I dont' want on screen while editing code, and a ton of tools that just make me scream at the display "OH FOR **** SAKE JUST LET ME TYPE THE DAMNED THING!!!"

      The only thing rapid in RAD in my experience is how quickly IQ points drop when it's used on a project. Should be called VAD. Vapid Application Design.

      ... and really even if you're going to do this, drop the .NET part and use something cross-platform capable. Python isn't tied to winblows, why should your development set?
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        O yea thanks, I am going to add QT possibly WPF they are making the CLR cross platform, I myself enjoy the coding aspect of programming more myself also. The reason I would like to use a RAD myself is so I can focus more on my code, getting the GUI portion of it out of the way as quick as possible, Imaging writing this the GUI portion of an app like what I am trying to do or say photoshop by the time you resourced in the forms menus and controls it would be months before you started to get into the actual coding aspect as to what the application is for, but that's just me and why I like RAD's Thanks for the comment I actually agree with a lot of if but to me it is what I am coding that depends on if I just Edit my code or want to use an RAD IDE