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Help working with classes

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  • Help working with classes

    I am working on a genetic algorithm to minimize the spherical function. http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/project...#tabla:DefFunc

    I have a class for each gene which is an array of size 30 with an associated fitness score.

    I am having trouble passing the class to my crossover function which selects the best fitness scores and mixes their genetics.

    Here is my code so far http://codepad.org/RWrPSXiE
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    You can't call functions outside of any functions, move your call to srand into the main function before your for loop.

    Edit: You could also change your program so that the constructor on your Geotype randomizes the array.

    Edit: #2 This line: fitnessScore(Genotype individual); should be fitnessScore(individual); You don't need to specify the type again.