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  • MySQL ad PHP tutorial books

    Does anyone know of any PHP/MySQL books that use street talk language when explaining things?

    I find PHP documentation is okish (once you've found the command your looking for!), but I'm sick of having to resort to forums every time I run into trouble, and I have found the MySQL manuals blow hard after the beginners tutorial, as it dumps a bunch of syntaxes at your feet and expect you to sit there and play logic games trying to figure them out. I like a bit of street talk with tutorials.

    I once read a Book called How To Think Like A Computer Scientist on the Python website. This was THE BEST computer book I have ever read! Something like that would be fantastic! but for PHP and MySQL.

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    Documentation is explicit for a reason; You don't want ambiguity when you're describing how something should work at a low level because that will just lead to confusion. Unfortunately(for beginners) documentation is geared toward developers who usually already know what they're looking for, they just need to know the argument and return values/types. That said, tutorials for PHP & MySQL aren't in short supply and a quick search or test script can go a long way to figuring things out.