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  • What's inspired me to learn how to code

    Hello. I have never really done any coding, besides a little Lua and editing some things here and there. I basically want to know if this is even possible.

    I want Max stats on this character, the max stats are the green ones on the right, the stats on the left are the ones you are rolling. Red is unperfect, yellow is perfect. The goal of this project is to get 6 yellow stats, or, perfect stats. So as you can see, I've chosen a class, race, all of that good stuff.


    I would like to think that I could just have 6 or so coordinates that you could set on the screen where the numbers would appear, check all 6 coordinates, decide if it's 5 stats perfect atleast, then save. Or reroll. But here's the curveball. They not simply yellow, each pixel is a different shade of yellow. The whole 'reroll' rectangle is pixelated. And the numbers move slightly around.


    So would it be possible to do what I'm asking? Be able to make something that could check multi areas, determine the color there from a range of the lowest yellow color number to the highest yellow color number, same with red.

    Also, every once in a while it pops up with a random easy math equation that you have to 'click' on the number to solve. If you click anywhere but the area in the right number then the whole program closes.


    This, however, I don't see as much of a problem, if the 'coordinate color checker' comes up with 6 black color checks, then it knows it's on the equation checker, simply click, let it restart, and reboot the program.

    Doing this all, in my mind, would require you to set a few key points and marked/memorized coordinates for the program to run. Like where the menu's open, where's it's options to click to get back to the reroll screen after closing, where the race/class you want is..

    Someone tell me if this is going to be way to complicated for someone with no C++ experience.

    I have the right idea, I think, Checked Colors IF not yellow, check next color, repeat, repeat, after the checks are done, IF 5 stats are yellow, then save. ELSE Reroll.

    I appreciate your time, many thanks.
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    Is it possible? I think so, but why would you go about it that way?

    Ever hear of a hex memory editor?

    tSearch is one program that I remember. You run it, point it at the program running and tell it what value you're looking for. It searches and returns all the instances in the programs memory of that number, then you change the number (Reroll) and research the list for the new number. Once you've done this a few times you should have a single memory address. Just specify what you want the value at that address to be.


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      All of that information is stored server-side. I'm not trying to get into any server hacking, I just want to do what I can from my end.