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    I guess I should start with the background. I'm an entry level software engineer now who took computer engineering in college. Since I took comp eng., I didn't get more than the intro course on OOP.

    Now, I've been in the workforce for about 3 years, and I'm doing alright, but I want to progress a bit more. It's obvious that the company I'm at right now does not have, and will not have, the resources to train me in OO design (such as utilizing design patterns and stuff). I have the idea of encapsulation and stuff down pretty well, but i need to get beyond these basics. Therefore, I need to find a way to develop the skill of OO design independently.

    I need advice for how to go about this.

    As a side note, my love for programming springs from my love for creating clean and efficient algorithms. This is actually what drove me to Comp. Eng. instead of Comp. Sci. in college. This is also why I like the C++ language a lot. I just don't see many jobs out there for an entry level software engineer to get into the nitty-gritty low level algorithm design. However, if anybody knows of a possible way to head in that direction, I'd for ever be indebted to you.

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    Low level algorithm stuff is pretty useful in microcontroller programming, particularly in restricted (memory) environments. I wouldn't imagine there's a career in that alone though.

    As for the OOP stuff, I've always found Thinking in Java to be pretty good. I know it's Java and that's not everyone's cup of... tea? But the OOP concepts are presented well, you can just skip the language tutorial and read the relevant bits, and it's free.


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      Wow, that looks great! Thanks a lot! I'm gonna start reading the Thinking In Java book this evening.