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    Algorithm Simulator:


    The objective of this assignment is to develop a simulator for at least two algorithms that you are familiar with.

    Features that you should include in your solution:

    You can select at least two of the following algorithm for simulation.

    1. Insertion sort algorithm
    2. Selection sort algorithm
    3. Quick sort algorithm
    4. Merge sort algorithm
    5. Heap sort algorithm
    6. Bubble sort algorithm
    7. Shell sort
    8. Radix sort
    9. Depth first search algorithm
    10. Breadth first search algorithm
    11. Kruskal’s algorithm
    12. Prim’s algorithm
    13. Dijkstra’s algorithm
    14. Shannon Fano algorithm
    15. Huffman algorithm
    16. Rabin karp algorithm

    You can use any programming language for the simulator development. The simulator should work as a e-learning tool for beginners to the algorithm field. User should be able to upload input values to the system and it should simulate each line execution of the algorithm.

    Instruction for submission and demonstration
    You should include:
    1. A printout of all source code for the programs with proper in-line documentation.
    2. Description for any cases for which your program is not working correctly.
    3. Sample inputs and outputs from your running programs.
    Your submission must have a cover page, which must include:
    1. The words “Design and Analysis of Algorithms 214”.
    2. Your name and DIT number.
    3. A signed statement that the assignment is your own work.
    3. Put all your source code in directory with your DIT number. The soft-copy of your assignments should be uploaded to the course web on the specified due date for the assignment. Late assignments will not be accepted.
    4. Due dates and other arrangements may only be altered with the consent of the majority of the students enrolled in the unit and with the consent of the lecturer.
    5. Demonstration requirements:
    1. You may be required demonstrate your working program and/or sitting in a quiz during practical sessions.
    2. The source code MUST be that submitted.
    3. The programs should run on the department’s machines.

    Failure to meet the above-mentioned requirements will result in the fail the subject.

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    Posting homework assignments and just asking people to do them for you is against the rules.

    Originally posted by http://www.codingforum.net/showthread.php?t=53446
    Do not post your homework assignments and expect us to do them for you. We do not encourage cheating on these forums, and how are you supposed to learn if you're not doing it for yourself?

    While direct cheating is discouraged, collaboration is no problem. Instead of asking for something directly, you could say "I have to do this, and I'm thinking about doing it this way, but are there any better methods?" You have clearly demonstrated you know at least what you're talking about, and at the same time, attempted to improve your scripting skills (by looking at superior - if any - methods), which is really what homework is all about.


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      Help with homework

      Have you tried going to your teacher/professor for help during office hours? If you don't learn this stuff now, you will suffer for it in the industry later.