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using c# to join two or more tiny .wav files?

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  • using c# to join two or more tiny .wav files?

    I want my web server to create a sound file every hour. The sound file will just be 2 or more other sound files joined together in one.

    For example, I have 10 .wav files, each one has a male voice speaking 1-10.

    I need to write some code to join the .wav files together and then create one larger .wav file, save it, and then I can develop a script to stream that file onto the website every hour. Lets say for now, i'd like to join 5.wav and 6.wav together so that the final .wav file says five, six.

    My website is in ASPX, and I've never touched c# before, would this be suitable for what I am trying to create?

    Has anyone tried anything similar and could share a bit of wisdom?

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    Concatenate .Wav files

    Are you looking for Merging .wav files!
    Don't forget to mark solution providing post as "Answered".
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      thank you so much, just what I needed!