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  • Coding Help [simple stuff]

    Ok, I downloaded 3 coding programs, C#, Delphi, VB6. dont know which one is best for the program im about to make.

    I want to create a new program with 3 parts

    If you can provide a source because im completely new

    Program 1 has 2 buttons, one that will lead to program 2 and 3, but they shouldnt be 3 different exe's. Then inside program 2 and 3 are just links, click a button and link to a website.

    And is there a way I can change the GUI, better buttons [customized or gel buttons] and back ground.

    Please leave a sample on how to make buttons link and your msn/aim so I can add u


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    There is no -better- language, however, you'll probably be best with using C# with Visual Studio for this. It has a drag-and-drop interface for their forms and it's fairly easy to set up. It automatically compiles to an exe so you'll just need to create three solutions and make the forms.

    Background is easily changed through a property, however, customized buttons and labels you'll have to make yourself.


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      Ok, thanks alot. I can get my own buttons, but do you know how to replace them in?

      Do you use AIM / MSN?