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database vanishes like a David Blaine prop

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  • database vanishes like a David Blaine prop

    I've been working with SQL2008 AdventureWorks; specifically database AdventureWorks, table Person.Contact.

    I experimented with using a DataGrid control's DataSource property to add a new project data source to the DataGrid, although my code was written to access the database without using a DataGrid. My code was unable to do so because, naturally enough, the database was already in use by the DataGrid.

    However, when I removed the DataGrid, to my surprise the AdventureWorks database was just plain gone. That's right, not corrupted, but gone from the disk without a trace. The other databases (AdventureWorksDW, AdventureWorksDW2008, AdventureWorksLT, AdventureWorksLT2008, ReportServer$SQLEXPRESS, ReportServer$SQLEXPRESSTempDB) were still there, but not the database named simply "AdventureWorks".

    So I reinstalled AdventureWorks. Now here's the part where you all conclude I've lost my mind: AdventureWorks installed without any problem - but no database named simply "AdventureWorks". No "Person.Contact" table, even in any of the other databases. No sign of them, no explanation.

    But you can look up the AdventureWorks schema online and see that they DO exist. So I'm NOT insane after all - honest, fellas, I’m not dangerous, it’s all right to talk to me.

    So wha’d’ya think is going on here?