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final project problem..

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  • final project problem..

    sorry... i dun know where should i post this topic..
    i hv a final year project, wan do something wit mobile phone.
    something like this,
    computer send a msg to mobile phone, then mobile phone received the msg. a microcontroller is contact wit mobile phone, micop will read the msg and do the things. after tat will reply a msg to computer.

    my problem is:
    1. how to send msg to a mobile phone wit write a program.
    2. computer how to receive a msg from mobile phone. is it need convert to email or wat?

    i no idea to start, dun know how to move down to the next step, can anyone give me some info or comments?
    thanks a lot

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    Welcome to CodingForum!

    I trust you have read this sticky at the top of this forum? That said, have you talked with your instructor on how to get started with this, or if it's even an appropriate project? My impression from what you write here is that you don't know the first thing about how to do this. Get some guidance from your instructor, then if you have more specific questions than the ones you've asked here, we'll be glad to help.
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      sorry about that, i will check out the details first, after meet the programming problem just post the topic. sorry of make ur trouble.


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        Watch your spelling/ grammar

        I don't know if English is your first language or not but please pay more attention to your spelling and grammar when posting in the future. It makes it a lot easier for people to understand your question and to help you.
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