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Sunshine Team request voluntary C/C++ coders

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  • Sunshine Team request voluntary C/C++ coders

    Well, I started early in this year a project , and the project is called "Sunshine Team". In Sunshine Team I am willing to re-make old games such as MadTV, Sim Farm, Jill of the Jungle, H2O and many others. I currently don`t have time to study programing languages, and I want to ask somebody if he could voluntary waste at least 4-5 hours of coding per week. I currently don`t have the money to pay for the ones that offer, but I can offer a full domain (ex.: yoursite.com) so they (you) could place a portofolio there.
    I assure you, this is not SPAM or advert, it is just a request for coders, so please don`t delete this because you consider it SPAM! For the sake of old games!
    Who wants to offer plase send me a PM here or e-mail or contact me trought messengers (reccomended)

    P.S.: If this was posted on a wrong topic please excuse me! Please feel free to move this wherewer it is its place (admins and mods)

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