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  • Questions, network meeting place...

    Okay, I don't know how to program anything first off (aside from really really easy stuff in Basic).

    I am wondering how much work it would take, how complicated it would be, to create a program (not web based) that would include forums, a chat room, a shared file place, the ability to create privite chats, and the ability to direct connect to another computer. All of this under the assumption that the computer was not connected to the Internet, but was connected to lets say 15 other computers on a LAN through one Database computer....basicly a network meeting place where everyone on the LAN could chat, post, share files or direct connect to privitly share files....how hard would it be to code all of this to make it a Originol program, not web browser based or anything....

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    hard is very subjective. It depends on how many people would be developing the product e.g. How many developers worked together. And what language it had to be written in and what the specific requirements were.