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simple problem needing a simple solution.

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  • simple problem needing a simple solution.

    I have to regularly access a program wich requires a login name and password to logon (actually i believe i am loging on to a central server) the log on prompt is reached through a shortcut or an executable icon on the desktop. i want to automaticly log on and enter the password simply by activating the icon. is there anyway to do this? can i create a shortcut to the executable that will automaticly enter the relevant login and password in one single click. i know little of programming and scripting,however i believe something like this to be possible can anyone out there explain how to achieve this. I greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer.

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    Maybe you can modify the function your hotkeys do, or even create new hotkeys that will do the job for you, so that for example you could have <Windows>+p for password, and <Windows>+u for username. And actually, you could also simulate the Tab key, and put both password and username on the same hotkey.
    Here is a great tutorial on how to do exactly that:

    You will be interested in the part about creating the script, and then just read how to send keystrokes.

    Hope it helps.
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