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Windows automatically closing

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  • Windows automatically closing

    When I open some application windows e.g (IE, windows media player and Encarta) they automatically close themselves. What actually happened was that before then my pc got infected by virus (brontok by name) but was quarantined by norton. Some pc's networked to mine now recently got affected by some new virus and as a way of protecting myself, i ran a new anti virus program (kapersky) on my system. The scan found the virus already quarantined by norton (in the quarantined folder) and automatically deleted them. and it was around then that the "window closing automatically" started happening. Could it be that the quarantined items that was deleted is the cause of this? Probably the infected files are system files? Or have I got a new virus at by back? Av already ran a scan for new infections but no new virus is found...any ideas what could be wrong? and way out?
    I forgot to mention this - even after reinstaling IE and Windows media player, the problem still continues.

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    Sometimes Viruses get so far embeded into your system there is nothing you can do. It seems that this is the case as it happens to more than one or two programs. The best advice I could give you is to backup all your files and re-instal windows.

    Just because norton quaranteened the virus doesn't mean it hasn't made copies of itself and distributed them around your computer. Nortan can only get the origional virus because usually copies have extremely random names, usually setup with the current time and date that way its always "random" and never the same.

    Most viruses make copies of itself even before infecting your computer that way it its caught, it keeps going. I would recomend re formating and re installing windows because even if you think you've eradicated the problem, it might come back. Also, don't open any more programs unless you absolutely have to. It seems that this virus targets running programs and then tries to attach itself to them. I haven't looked this up to confirm it but it looks as though this is true.

    Good luck to you, any more questions just ask me and I'll glady help you though the reformat process.


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      Thanks so much man. but then the thought of having to reformat is kinda scary
      what do u think about repairing the OS? I mean re installing the OS (i run on win xp) without reformating. i know it doesn clear the hard disk but im wondering if it could be of any help?
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        Maybe it will help, but it wont last long. If the virus has infected any of your applications, when you reinstall windows that application will still be there, and when you least expect it, you will have the same problem all over again.

        The wisest move you can make, is to back up all your important data, and wipe your hard drive.
        The other would be to just wait for Norton or kapersky to update their virus deffinitions and see if they can repair your infected files, but that migth take longer than you migth be willing to wait.