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dual boot windows xp pro and red hat fedora core 5 on ONE HD

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  • dual boot windows xp pro and red hat fedora core 5 on ONE HD

    Hi all,

    I am having a problem installing Windows Xp Pro and Fedora Core 5 Linux together to dual boot on one 80GB HDD.

    I have tried googling this problem, but so many guides are for installation on 2 HDDs - which, ATM, I dont have.

    I am looking to partition my one HDD. Does anyone have a guide to do this?


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    That has been discussed to death the the fedora forums. Every possible scenario in dual booting. I orignally had my system dual booted on one drive but I didn't like that. I picked up a second hard drive so I could keep each on a seperate one. Of course now I've completely gotten rid of windows so Fedora now enjoys two 80G hard drives. One for the /home partition which makes reinstalls incredibly easy and the other for everything else.
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      What is your problem specifically? I've done this a few times, on a single drive, and haven't had nay real issues. If you explain your problem, I just might be able to help you out.


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        I was trying to dual boot using an external HD, but messed up by installing Grub on the wrong place, so I couldn't boot Windows, nor Fedora. I fixed it by partitioning my main Hard Drive, and installing Fedora using only 15 Gigs. Now I have the external Hard Drive as Fat32, so both Fedora and Windows have access to it.

        First, Download GPARTED Live CD image and burn it on a CD.
        Then you can go ahead with partitioning.
        I could have never done it if I hadn't seen the videos on this page:

        Now be careful, note in the videos that Hard Drive only uses one partition to beging with. In my case, I had 2 partitions, and you can only have a Max of 5 partitions on the Hard Drive.
        If thats you case, do the following:
        -Resize Windows partition(the big one).
        -Create a 1Gig Linux-Swap Partition
        -Create a new EXTENDED partition
        From the EXTENDED partition, create:
        -5 Gig ext3 partition
        -Create with the rest of free space another ext3 partition.

        When you use the Linux installation CD/DVD, I chose Custom Partition, and here is what I did:
        1Gig swap: I had to reformat this to swap(again) to make it work
        5Gig ext3: Make this / (no need to reformat)
        XGig ext3: Make this /home (no need to reformat)

        Also, before installing Linux, make sure you read http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/fedora...-guide-en/fc5/
        Pay special attention to the parts where they talk about Grub and the clock settings.