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restoring OS on a HD Partition?

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  • restoring OS on a HD Partition?

    Well, i have my HD split in 2 partitions (but i dont remember how i did it), i have my Win XP on one partition and the other has important files. I dont wanna go through all my files and burn them off, so is it possible to just restore the OS and not touch the other partition?

    Also, does WIN XP partition you HD for u? or u have to do it manually, like in DOS... I remember doing it in DOS once, but i forget how i did it, can someone tell me plz...

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    you'd better use PowerQuest PartitionMagic


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      You can create partitions when you reinstall your OS - whats the actual problem? Can you access both partitions?


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        You can install XP on the one partition again, no big deal, it will ask where you want to install it, and just point it there.


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          Just be leary of any programs that you have installed that point to the second partition... You may have to reinstall those along with your Windows install...

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            kewl, I understand. Im just gonna point the windows reintallation to the partition. What happened was that my resgitry got all jumbeled and messed up, i also accquired some type of spyware software that pops-up as a windows help prompt and telles to u d/l some anti-spyware, though it clearly looks fake. I want to get rid of that, so i figured why not just reinstall windows and wipe my registry clean. now i know it might cause some problems for programs that go to both partitions, but if i have too many problems, ill just restore the whole system. At least my curiousity satisfied, thank you all...


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              Hi, i have a similar problem...
              I used powerquest to make a logical drive, so now i have:
              C: (Pri,Boot) NTFS drive; and
              an extendedX (primary) drive, which has a E: (Logical) NTFS drive.

              If I were to format my C: drive, will the files i store in E: still be there after formatting?

              I think it should exist there still, because logical drive I heard, stores file only, so shouldn't be affected. However, I have no proof of that and am not sure about it.

              Please advice... thanks in advance