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Master/Slave IDE issues

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  • Master/Slave IDE issues

    I am having trouble installing a hard drive in conjunction with a DVD writer. Both are going to be installed in a new barebone cpu unit. I have the Maxtor hard drive set to be the master. And the Samsung Writemaster set to be the slave. However, when I power up the unit I can not get any power onto the DVD writer. But, whenever I unplug the IDE cable out of the DVD writer, it has power. I am referring to the DVD writer having power. I am unsure if the harddrive is receiving power in either instance.

    Additional Info:

    The barebone unit is manufactured by Shuttle. I have the IDE cable plugged into the blue port on the motherboard.

    There is only one IDE cable being used.

    The first IDE cable plug is plugged into the Maxtor HDD.

    The second IDE cable plug (the one which extends from the first one) is plugged into the Samsung WriteMaster DVD writer.
    Most of my questions/posts are fairly straightforward and simple. I post long verbose messages in an attempt to be thorough.

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    Both drives should be getting power regardless unless there is some thing very special going on inside that computer. To check to see if power is actually going to them, hook it all up and the boot the system up. Try to see if the DVD drive will open the tray, if it does, there is power. As for the hard drive, you can probably hear it power up if you listen for it. Plus you can usually feel the vibration on it if you were to put your hand on it.

    As for the BIOS not recognizing it, are you sure you have the jumpers set right on both drives? The correct jumper configuration for different settings varies from manufactuer to manufactuer and occasionally model to model, so I'd double check that.


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      Problem solved...

      Okay all is noted....

      For some reason I was thinking that this cpu was odd and only had one IDE port. Which wouldn't make sense being that those boards haven't been around since my birth.

      The system does have 2 IDE ports.

      I didn't pay the secondary one any attention b/c Shuttle had filled it with their special IDE cable for the optical drive. (its not anything special about it, its just a regular IDE cable with SHUTTLE all over it). And I was thinking it didn't have one based on the fact that I didn't fill the port personally. I know, great logic.

      So I decided to check the HDD seperately and wanted to see if I can see the bios screen. So I keep the HDD as master and ran it seperately. No power. I unplugged the IDE cable. And much to my chagrin I'll be damn if that damn thing didn't start spinning. Well, this eliminated the jumper settings, possibility of have bad IDE cables, and while I'm ruling stuff off, might as well rule out the HDD and DVD writer just because I can Hell, I will go as far as saying Shuttle didn't sell a botch system. (atleast to me anyway heehee)

      So I figured the only explanation for this could be the MoBo. So as I started tampering. I noticed the heatsink was loose. So I wiggled it, and then decided to take it off. And low and behold....*drum roll* THE DAMN THING DIDN'T HAVE A PROCESSOR!

      After the initial embarassment, I consulted my friend on the issue and they informed me that this was the display model. So I don't know if they take the processors out of the displays to avoid theft. Or if it was actually stolen out of the display. I'll find this out after they take it back to the store. But the salesman informed them that the unit came w/ a AMD 64 processor.

      So there you have it....no processor. Moral of this thread. Check your display/open box items very carefully. I'll take my Homer Simpson DOH Award now.

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      Most of my questions/posts are fairly straightforward and simple. I post long verbose messages in an attempt to be thorough.


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        I fail to see how the thing ever started up before like you said it didnt without a processor.

        Plus usually those shuttle type computers don't typically come with the processor as far as I know, usually its just the motherboard and case.