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  • network problem

    hey there everyone,

    i need some help and hope you all can pitch in. I have set up a small network. five computers all plugged up to a hub. the computers have log in names and passwords. one computer have the printer and scanner plugged onto it. here's the problem.
    everytime that a user logs on to one of the satelite computers, and they try to print a document, it would ask them to manually type in a user name and password to the host computer that is connected to the printer. the username and password that is asked is the administrator password. now if i were to do type it in once, it would not ask for the user name and password of the host computer anymore, but when a user shuts down the system and reboots, it does the same thing again. if anyone can help me with this problem, i would really appreciate it.

    system is windows 2000 pro.

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    I setup a network with my computer and my sisters computer, and they both had windows 2k, and they both had blackice (A firewall) and required a user name and password to login locally, but didnt require a password to login over the networkm, so look for a check box or somthng that says rember my password.

    This a while ago so my info could be incorect.


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      You described the situation of what is happening but you didn't specify what part is the problem. What is it you want to have happen?
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        what i would like to have done is when a user logs into the computer and tries to use the printer which is shared through the network, they will not need to manually input the admin password for the computer that has the printer plugged in to it.


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          I havent tried this but it might work,

          Assign each network user there own user name and password. Then ensure that each member of your group is an authorized user of each PC or at least of the print server. So long as the person is logged into the client workstation using an authorized username\password it may not prompt for one.

          Additionally, the problem you are having is a good thing. Otherwise anyone who knows your IP address could gain access to your shared files very easily.

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            I agree with Basscyst about it being a good thing, but if you still want it gone you can try and remove all usernames and passwords from the printer host computer. Otherwise you could do try what Basscyst said. Its proabably alot more seccure that way.