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Dopwnloading Problems

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  • Dopwnloading Problems

    Hey, could anyone help me out? Whenever I try to download something which I have to click on an image to do, the file downloads to a 'Temporary Folder' which doesnt seem to exist on my PC. This problem only started happening a few days ago, so I really need some help.

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    You could 'right click' on the image and then click on Save Target As then select where you want to save the picture.


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      are you using internet explorer? If so, it creates temporary directories for files downloaded. If you cant access downloaded files, then you may want to re-install IE, or get a better browser

      I believe you can also choose to view hidden files and folders and there will be a folder called "msdownload.tmp", however I dont know if you can access files within it.

      Thats if your using IE anyway.
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        RE: Downlaoding

        Im not trying to download a picture, didnt make myself clear.

        It's when a site has something like a 'Download' button, and the button is an image.
        You set up a new thread, but continue it here eh?

        I suggest either getting a new browser, IE: mozilla or Opera. OR, you can right click, even on the download button and click on Save Target As. It will still work, even if its not an image.


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          Sorry, that isnt working. I tried the save target as.

          I was trying to download the file on this page. When I click 'Click here' it downloads to a temp folder and when i save target as it saves the page.