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  • Setting up a Server

    Okay, I have two computers. I want them both to be linked with each other, preferrably in a network. On one computer, I want it to be a server computer, and the other just a personal computer.

    First, setting up the network, is there a way to do it without buying a switch or a hub? Perhaps like a direct connection? I was told its possible, but Ive yet to see it work.

    Secondly, Im using Windows 2000 Server, is this a good/bad program to use? Should I go with Linux Redhat instead, Im told its more stable.

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    As long as you only want to connect 2 computers together then you can use a simple crossover cable between the two network cards without a switch or a hub. If you want to add a third computer or hook to a broadband internet connection too you need additional network cards or a switch/hub.

    Switches and hubs are really, really inexpensive these days so I'd recommend you get one anyway if there's any way you can swing it. One of those will allow you to use regular ethernet cables which are easier to find than crossover cables.

    Unless you hook to the internet and leave your server exposed without any firewall etc or your hardware is flaky you're unlikely to have any problems with W2K Server crashing on you. If you do have it attached to the internet then make sure you install the latest service pack and all the current patches. Turn off (uninstall if possible) all services you aren't going to use on that server and make sure you've got a firewall between that server and the internet. (The same also applies to Linux but to a much lesser degree since it doesn't install every service you might possibly ever need by default like W2K does).
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      Nope. You realy dont want to connect two computers directly. I think some people here will tell you about Data Colision. A network with a Router/Hub/Switch will make swapping information, incredibly slow. That, and you'll need two network cards in one computer, to connect internet.

      This leaves the problem of having BOTH your computers open to the internet.

      My personal set up? I have my modem connected to a router. My laptop and one of my desktops is connected into the router. The other open spot on the router goes to my switch at the other end ofthe house, which my other two computers are connected to. Therefor the ocmputers are protected by the Firewall on the router, and the firewalls i have on the computers. Also, the router ans Switch protect against data colision, making the network very fast.

      May i also suggest D-Link routers and switches. Enjoy.
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        Well for right now this is how I have my connections set up.

        Both computers are in the same room. My personal computer, the computer Im using now, has two ethernet adapters in it. The server computer, has the one ethernet adapter. In my personal computer, I have it connected to my Cable connection. The remaining adapter is used to connect the Network. Im using Cat5 cable to connect the server computer with the personal computer.

        I can probably get a switch from my Uncle for free, but since hes outta state, it will take a while.

        Also, this server will only be a temporary server, mainly just so I can have the experience of setting up a server and a Network at the same time.


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          A crossover cable should do then unless you really, really want to have an internet connection on the server system.
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            Do I absolutely need a crossover cable? For some reason, it seems Im making this harder than it really is. My uncle said all I need is Cat5 cable, the computers, ethernet cards (1 connected to net on main computer, 2 others on each computer connected by cat5 cable) than set up Network connections.

            Yet... seems its taking more effort than its worth.


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              (Been gone almost a week) --

              Yes, for a computer to computer link without a hub you need a cross-over cable. A hub or switch performs the cross-over internally so it uses a normal cable.

              The key is that each network card broadcasts using one pair of wires in the cable and receives using another pair (a Full Duplex connection uses all four pairs, two send pairs and two receive pairs). With a normal cable you'll end up hooking the send pair on one network card to the send pair on the other card and the receive pair likewise. A cross-over cable will provide the send pair to receive pair "cross connection" that's needed to make the cards work without a hub performing the same cross-over.
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