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    im running winXP Pro on 12 computers at my college and the head of ict allwed us to set up a game club for 6 computers over LAN but we have to log on to the "curriculum" domain after we log off the local "game" accounts because in the login form it has the last logged on user's username and domain. Is there any way to set the computer to not show these or show a certain value

    i have been told it was in the registry somewhere but i dont want to crap up what isnt mine hehe

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    Check out the Forum Search. It's the short path to getting great results from this forum.


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      thanks! ill try it when i get to college
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        bugger.. was already set, would i have to try to get the network administrator to do it on the curriculum server? thats win nt server i think but i dont know if he will do it anyway

        any other ideas on not letting it still show?
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          The domain controller could be overriding the setting on the local machine.


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            the network admin tells me that it wont chnge on windows xp but ill talk to him about hte controller today to see if it works

            ive jsut been told tht i may haev to use currentversion/policies/system and put it in there for w2k or xp
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              You can also try using the group policy editor on windows xp. Open the run dialog. enter in mmc and press enter.

              Then go to file > add/remove snap-in
              Now press Add select Group Policy
              Say Add then Finish Then Close Then OK

              expand local computer policy
              now expand computer configuration then Windows Settings Then Security Settings Then Local Policies
              Now click on Security Options
              Now on the right side if you scroll down it should have an item called "Interactive Logon: Do not show last username"

              Make sure that is enabled, if it is then I'm not sure what is going on.


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                i got it working as i said in the last post but i need to get the domain to set to "CURRICULUM"

                it says how to do it at http://support.microsoft.com/default...&Product=winxp i think but i do not know what

                Add the script DefaultDomainScript.vbs to Default Domain Policy (GPO) as computer startup script.

                4. Run "GPUPDATE" command on one of the DC's in the domain, and reboot the clients computers.

                i have tried setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system\ DefaultDomainName but as soon as i log in after the 1st time (or reboot apparently, i didnt try) it goes back to the domain name of who was on last
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