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    I was thinking about setting up a linux server in my housr for personal use and just for fun

    I want it obviously to have inter net access, but dont know if what i want to do is possible.

    i only have one internet connection coming into the house and i have a wireless router to split the connection so that the laptop and thr PC both have a connection. Is ther a way that i can have the modem go directly into the linux box and then go to the router?

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    wow 15 views and not one reply


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      Well, you could do a few things, and I'm not exactly sure what you want so here's a few options.


      Set up your linux box to be a "gateway". This requires you to take the line coming in from the modem and hook it up to your first nic on your linix box. Next, you'll have to install a second nic on your linux box and have that connect to a switch. Then have all your other computers plug into the switch. Finally, you'll need to enable ip forwarding and configure your 2 nics on linux to get everything up and running.

      Advantages: One point of contact with the internet. All your computers access can be filtered through the linux box (great if you have a family and want to restrict access to pron sites and the like)

      Disadvantages: Not easy to set up, you should be very familiar with linux and not afraid of the command line. Also some knowledge of basic networking principles are needed.


      Connect the linux box to the router. Edit your /etc/resolv.conf file for the appropriate name servers, and set up your nic to be on the same network and your good to go.

      Advantages: easy to set up, requires a little knowledge of linux and most configuration can be done through the gui.

      Disadvantages: No filtering capabilities. You're dependant on the router firewal configruation to protect your network.

      Hope this helps.
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        Can you suggest any good places to look for setting up Linux as a gateway?
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          with a router you can have port forwarding thus having all required ports forwarded to the linux box thus it can act as a gateway of sorts with the other two PCs only having port 80 access comming in and all the rest going out. Otherwise you can do what bcarl said...



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            this is some really helpful information - thanks

            do you have a site that i see in a little more detail on how to set up the linux box as a gateway.

            do you know approximatly how much it would take ($) to set up said system
            • I have a belkin Wireless 54g router
            • Two computers hooked up to the router
            • need to purchase linux box



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              Well, I'll try to answer your questions here.

              First, about the links, most of the stuff I've done with linux I learned in a classroom. The best site I've found for linux help is from www.linuxquestions.org. Otherwise searching google for "IP FORWARDING" and "IP TABLES" should give you some good results.

              Sounds like, short of the computer, you've got eveything you need. You don't need much to run linux and can probably get by with a $50 - $100 comp from one of those computer recycling stores.

              I set up my network using a switch instead of a router, but I'm pretty sure both will work, although a router is a bit of an overkill I think. My cost for my network including cat5 cable, 1 switch and a PCMCIA card for my laptop was just under $100. I'm using a (relatively) new Dell 2350 I bought last year which is running linux and acting as my gateway.

              Hope this helps
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