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  • Virus Netksy - I think itz good!

    Ello, I was just looking through the netsky.c tech details ( http://www.trendmicro.com/vinfo/viru...TSKY.C&VSect=T )

    And from what I read, it's actually good, since it deleted mydoom entries.

    Well, it's not all good since those entries might be used by something else, but my point is, is this the first time hackers actually wrote a virus to destroy another virus?

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    No, it's not the first time and it's not a good thing. Several of the WORST virus problems out there are viruses that are trying to disable other viruses. One of the first of those created so much network traffic it's overall effects cost hundreds of times as much as the original virus it was written to combat.
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      Wow, I had no idea.
      Can u possibly gime and links, so I can check em out?



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        I don't feel comfortable just listing virii, but I think Gigabyte may have created one...


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          Blaster and umm... Welchia. Yeah, Welchia deleted Blaster I believe, then sent itself along to fix others. It created massive network hiccups? (Correct me if my memory fails(


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            I couldn't remember which myself when I first posted but you got it JKD. If you want links for information, try any of the AV houses.

            IIRC, there was also a Code Red variant which tried to shut down infected machines and patch uninfected ones, it also flopped and created as much havoc as it was intended to stop.
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              roy the virus that fixed code red was code green.

              In this months .net magazine, they talk about this in depth.

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                What do you think?
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                  I read in an article somewhere about the coders of the virii were taunting each other with embedded messages within the code... it's like innocent PC users are caught in the middle of a child-like argument


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                    Swenn did it as well didn't it??

                    I wouldn't be suprised megagix! I know, I would do that if I wrote virii... but I don't ... However I am interested in anti-virus software, I mean if I could get into that field I would always have a job! There is always going to be computer virii!
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                      Starcraft, where abouts in NSW are you from??
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