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could I have two network cards in one comp?

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  • could I have two network cards in one comp?

    Hello, could I have one wireless network card and one wire network card at the same time in one computer without any proplems?

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    I don't see why not. If there are any conflicts or problems you can always disable the one you are not currently using in the device manager.
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      Okay I will try it, Thankyou for your help!


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        Is there a way I could have a computer connect to a computer that has a connection to the internet and go on the internet with the computer that doesnt have a connection?

        I'm sorry if the above dosent make sents.


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          What you are referring to is networking. Yes that can be done. Are you looking to set up a wireless network or a non-wireless network?

          Since you mentioned having a wireless card I would suggest just setting up the wireless network. You can buy a wireless router which usually comes with several ethernet cable connectors so you can plug in additional non-wireless computers. That is what I have set up at home right now. I have a wireless router with 2 desktop PCs plugged into the router and one laptop that connects via a wireless card.

          Of course this is really only a good option if you are using broadband Internet access.

          The broadband modem connects into the router and this allows all the computers on your network to access the Internet.
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            If you have dial-up, you can use ICS (internet connection sharing).


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              Of course it depends on what OS your running. I don't recall XP Home using 2 nics very well.

              At home, I use a switch for my network. I've got a Linux box with 2 nics, one that connects to may cable modem and another that goes to my switch.

              I set up at 192.168 network with the switch connection and enabled IP forwarding through my Linux box. I then closed down all ports except 22 (ssh), 3306 (mySQL), 80 (Apache web server), 443 (SSL) and a few others for VPN access to work.

              Now I can run Squid and other sorts of filtering programs. It's a pretty sweet set up.

              I don't think you can do that with XP Home, but you should be able to do that with XP Pro.
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                Okay I got it to do I want
                Thank you for help !


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                  If you are looking to do it with liitle to no cost and you are just connecting 2 PC's. You just need 2 ethernet cards in your PC that has the internet connection and a crossover cable. Then enable Internet Connection Sharing on that PC and pop an ethernet card into the second PC. Set that PC to obtain an IP address Automatically. Depending on your Operating system the insrtuctions vary. Do a google search for Internet Connection Sharing Your Operating System and you will find many step by step guides.

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                    I also got it to work with no cost
                    again, thank you all for helping me!
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