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Acer computer systems ??

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  • Acer computer systems ??

    Hi guys,

    Anyone got any experience with Acer computer systems ??

    What they like for the price ??

    Just some comments about them if you have any.


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    Well, my sister has an Acer notebook, and it's been very reliable so far (6 years). They are a well established brand, even breaking the top 5 PC makers 10 years ago I believe. These days they're more focused on making generic and a more high end brand (BenQ I think) for the Asian market. In other words, they're no longer focused on the "Acer" name.

    Overall I think you'd find Acer computers as reliable as the next. And they're a little cheaper as well. I bought my supposedly reliable Dell 2 years ago, and it's giving me some problems 2 years later already.
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      I'm using an LCD multimedia-monitor from Acer and never had any complaints about it (well, it was broken when i got it but they didn't make any fuss about replacing it).

      I've been looking to buy a Acer notebook (notebooks are their core-business (LCD's are probably related technologie)) but finaly decided to order a Dell because i simply got a better price for a compairable configuration.

      (So i hope WA's experience is due to his sister having a more gentle touch them him )
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        <~ doesn't like 'em

        Why? The laptops we have at work (about 120), have sporadic issues...won't shut down, cd-rom drives get cranky....

        my grandparents have an acer too.. a Pentium 2, I think. It *NEVER* worked quite right....

        But then, that's limited in scope. Not sure about the $. I like Dell.