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  • Old Computer Problem

    I took apart my 8 year old computer for fun. I put it back together and it turns on. That was a surprise for it to do that on the first try. I can get to the BOIS and thats it. In there it says there is no hard drive and no cd-drive. They are pluged in(correctly I'm not sure). IDE cable going from the first port, cd-drive to the second. When it starts up, it goes straight to the BOIS. I get out and it says to insert a bootable floppy. I insert my windows 95 boot disk and all goes well. I choise to boot from the generic cd-drive. But I get an error, and am stuck in DOS.

    Do I need to reinstall the drivers for the cd-drive? If so how do I know what kind I have, and where can I download them from. What about the hard drive, why does it say there is no hard drive?

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    there are several things it could be, but here are my basic thoughts:

    1. You don't have the jumpers set right. In a standard EIDE ATA config, there are 2 channels- A Primary and a Secondary. Each channel can support 2 devices (as you've learned). In order for the channel to properly recognize both devices, jumpers must be set correctly on the drives.


    One must be set as MASTER, and the other as SLAVE.

    In this scenario, you probably want the Hard drive to be MASTER and the CD-ROM to be SLAVE.

    Then, in the BIOS, you should try in the drive section, to set everything to "AUTO" or in hard disk detect set it to "AUTO"...

    That's most likely your culprit.

    If you have the jumpers correct and the BIOS correct (you'll know because when you boot up and it detects the devices, it will tell you it found a hard drive and or cd-rom) and it still will not boot (either from the hard drive or from a KNOWN GOOD BOOTABLE cd-rom), then you may have hardware failure.

    Let us know.



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      I read through your link, but did not match my BOIS at all. I could not find anything close to what was in the pictures. There was also no auto detect option. But there has been an improvement!! There is a cd-rom and hard drive installed! I get this.
      Processor Speed:133MHz
      Math Coprocessor:Internal
      System Memory:16MB
      Cache Size:0KB
      Video Memory:2MB
      Diskette Drive A:360KB 5.25"
      Diskette Drive B:Not installed
      >CD-ROM Drive 1:installed
      Hard Disk Drive 2:Not installed
      >Hard Disk Drive 3:1624MB
      Hard Disk Drive 4:Not installed
      Serial Port A:2F8h-IRQ 3
      Universal Serial Bus Port:disabled
      Parallel Port:3BCh
      Do I need to switch the cdrom and hard drive ide cables on the motherboard?

      Start up after exiting BOIS:
      Windows 95 Start up:
      (loads A drive)
      1 Generic IDE CDRom Driver
      2 Toshiba IDE CDRom Driver
      3 Hitachi DVD CDRom Driver
      4 SCSI CDRom Driver
      5 No CDRom support
      |select 1|
      (Runs through something or other)
      Drive D = Driver MSC001
      A:|blinking cursor|
      That's what I get.

      Thanks for taking the time to help me. I'm new to computer hardware, stuff like that.


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        yeh, i think you should swap the cables.

        at that point (are you booting from a floppy?)

        it depends on what you want to do. To install windows, type:

        cd <drive letter assigned to cdrom> <hit enter>
        cd win95 <hit enter>
        setup<hit enter>


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          It's possible the problem is more basic. Each of the cables, IDE and Floppy has a Red Stripe down one side. That Red Stripe should align with Pin 1 of the connectors (look for a tiny 1 etched onto the motherboard) of both the motherboard and the drives. By convention the power connector is usually closest to pin 1 on disk and floppy drives but I did run across a floppy drive that violated that convention recently so check that carefully as well.

          You have also connected Power to the drives?
          Check out the Forum Search. It's the short path to getting great results from this forum.


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            All fixed! Thanks guys.