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  • Steam:Counter Strike and WinXP

    Ever since Counter Strike 1.6, it has a built in anti-sound lock up built into it. What this is for, is that if the program is interupted, (Another program requests focus) when you return to the program, it still has sound.

    This works one time per Steam session. My problem is, is that on the second time in need to Windows+D out of the program, or it is interupted, the program crashes, and then Windows XP crashes.

    The weirdest thing, is that it dosnt restart, it dosnt show an error screen, or BSOD. It just turns off. All my hardware is running (Fans, CD-ROM) but HDDs and VGA all go off.

    What can i do?
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    I haven't installed it yet, but my experience would tell me to update both my video card drivers and the motherboard chipset drivers.


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      Make sure your computer can handle it. I use to get that all the time. Stopped once I upgraded drives and got some more memory. When your playing make sure you don't have an messaging services up, downloading anything, internet, etc. I close my explorer when I'm playing as well. Never crashed when I do that. Then when I'm done, I just click "start new task" and start the explorer.exe again.


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        XP also has an issue with half life. You need to install the Windows update as well. Not sure if that has anything to do with it as I don't play counter strike but I just remember seeing the update.

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